Curtis Wilson Cost, through his artwork, captures the essence of Hawai'i, where he and his family reside. His paintings, characterized by vivid colors and exquisite detail, offer a unique window into the serene and timeless beauty of Hawai'i. His passion for the island's landscapes and culture is captured through his hundreds of works created over the last several decades, making each piece a testament to his deep connection with Hawai'i.

Early Beginnings

Born in Palos Verdes, California, Curtis moved to O‘ahu with his mother, a public school teacher, at a young age. This move was pivotal, immersing him in Hawaiian culture and shaping his early life. He grew up surfing, further deepening his admiration for the natural beauty of the islands. Influenced by his artistic upbringing, especially by his father, artist James Peter Cost, Curtis developed a profound appreciation for drawing and painting from a young age.

Archiving Hawai'i

Starting his career in the 1970s, Cost's work reflects both the historical and modern aspects of Hawai'i. His paintings often blend past and present, offering a glimpse into the continually transforming Hawaiian landscape and way of life.

Artistic Style

Over the years, Curtis Wilson Cost's style has continually evolved. Known for his realistic and detailed depictions of the Hawaiian landscape, his work serves as both art and a historical record of Hawaii's ever-changing environment.


Curtis Wilson Cost's art has been showcased in prestigious locations, including Kahului Airport. His works are some of the most sought-after, with his first gallery at the Kula Lodge, which he opened with his wife Jill Cost in 1985, being the longest-running one-man gallery in the state of Hawai'i. His art is celebrated not only in Hawai'i but also in private collections worldwide.



Curtis with his father James Peter Cost working on Poi for Julia.

Curtis in his studio in Kula, Maui with his daughter and son and family friends.


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