Collection: My Studio, 1982

I lived and painted in this Kula house for almost twelve years. My studio was set up to capture the light through the big picture window on the left. It was here that I grew as a young starving artist.

I've painted all over the neighborhood. The area is a very old farming community and was once one of the largest Chinese settlements in Hawaii. The houses have a classic Hawaiian look about them. Weathered redwood water tanks stand in the shade of Jacaranda and Eucalyptus trees looking out over the valley floor from the western slope of Haleakala. Rock walls line the edges of open pastureland.

The area has completely influenced the look of my art. In fact almost every landscape I've painted can be found within five miles of this studio. But the years I spent there were just the beginning. When we left this place, we moved just two doors up the road. 2003 will be our 30th year in Kula.

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