Memory Lane, Limited Edition,  Gallery wrapped, Various sizes

Memory Lane, Limited Edition, Gallery wrapped, Various sizes

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Limited edition gallery wrapped giclée

Various sizes

Ready to Hang

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"There was once a cow in this painting, but he's wandered off. The same could be said about the rural nature of the beaches in Makena. Back in the day, many of our favorite shorelines were miles beyond the pavement and you could run into cows along the way. It was a long bumpy ride on a dirt road filled with potholes, some half as deep as a volkswagen. If there had been recent rain, those potholes would be water holes, some too deep to drive through. Making the trek was part of the adventure. It was a good idea to bring fishing poles, a few friends, plenty of food, and plan on spending the night just to make the journey worth the trouble. Those were memorable days that I continue to draw upon in every coastal piece I paint." -Curtis Wilson Cost