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THE GIRL AND THE BOAT, a wordless picture book by Julia Allisson Cost

THE GIRL AND THE BOAT, a wordless picture book by Julia Allisson Cost

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A wordless picture book told through 30 full page oil paintings by Julia Allisson Cost.

11.25 inch x 11.25 inch x .375 inch book. The cover is a cloth-textured hardcover. 44 pages. Oil painting illustrations on every page.

Synopsis: THE GIRL AND THE BOAT is a tale of friendship chronicled through 30 evocative oil paintings that invite you to explore countless details and interpret the story for yourself. A little girl lives high on a mountain overlooking the sea. One day, she discovers a boat in a field of wildflowers. She carries it home, washes it, sews it a new sail, and they share a series of adventures. Over time, the boat shows her it is ready to return to the sea, and the girl has to find the courage to let it go. In the tender portrayal of the little girl, you will feel the joy of loving a new friend, the timelessness of creative play, and the heartbreak of saying goodbye. Blurring reality and make-believe seamlessly, this story leaves you pondering: Was it real? Was it play-acted with toys? Did you dive into a child's sketchbook? However it is read, the story gets to the heart of being human and ignites your own imagination, beckoning poring through the paintings again and again.


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